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Get the job done right with the leading asbestos experts in service and safety since 1999.




Our family owned and operated business is a fully licensed and certified asbestos abatement contractor with an excellent record for service and safety. Since 1999 our experts have been involved with the identification and removal of hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead and mold.

At Curran Environmental Services we handle every aspect of the job from permits through cleanup. All of our workers are professionally trained and certified and utilize the latest techniques, modern equipment and prescribed safety clothing. Environmental quality, safety and compliance with local, state and federal regulations are foremost in our concerns.

Ralph Curran


  • Certified Asbestos Consultant (CAC)

  • Certified Paint Inspector & Assessor

  • Registered Civil Engineer

Michael Curran


  • Certified Asbestos Contractor & Supervisor

  • Journeyman Carpenter

About Us


If you suspect your home or business has asbestos that you intend to disturb, make sure call trained professionals for testing first.

Worker Carrying Asbestos Board

Asbestos Abatement

CES is licensed to safety remove and dispose of insulation on pipes and ducts, floor and ceiling tiles, transite roofs and siding and other asbestos containing building materials.


Lead Abatement

Many structures build before 1950 and some built as late as 1978 contain heavily leaded paint. As lead paint ages tiny pieces may peel or chip off and can be dangerous if ingested.


Demolition Services

Our team of experienced employees will carry out both small and large demolition projects – either partial or complete demolition.


Mold Removal

Due to increased health, safety and liability issues about the adverse effects of mold, many new techniques have been developed to deal with these problems.

What We Offer



Deep Industry Knowledge

Working with hazardous materials requires not only knowledge of the construction industry but several licenses and certifications to operate under government guidelines. Our owners, and the entire crew are fully certified and attend yearly refresher courses, required by law.

Our licenses and certifications combined with over 20 years of working in the industry on all types of jobs from commercial to residential, gives us a deep understanding of the business and the knowledge to help our clients navigate hazardous waste and removal.

Years of Experience

Brothers Ralph and Michael have always been in the construction business and bring their combined experience to Curran Environmental. Both live in Sonoma County and have raised their families here, and are deeply embedded in the community. They are committed to service and the safety of their clients and workers.

Quick and Accurate Estimating

Let us put your mind at ease about hazardous waste and its removal. Estimates for your abatement work are always free and consultations can be arranged to answer any other questions. Give us a call or send an email to schedule an appointment.

Why Us





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